"To optimise your bikes potential to help you achieve your individual goals"



Now this may mean anything from improving comfort for those long rides, maximising performance for athletes trying to go to the next level, decreasing the risk of injury that can be caused by an improper setup or anything in between. With Ben's experience in the bike industry and the elite world of triathlon, you will always walk away happy.

Image: Lucas Wroe - lucaswroe.com

Premium Bike Fitting Process-


STEP 1 - 

The fitting session will begin with a detailed pre-fit interview to discuss your riding goals and experience along any previous injuries that might affect the overall result. Here we will start to form a picture of the position that we are going to work towards and what sort of limitations we will face. 


STEP 2 - 

Next we will conduct a biomechanical assessment designed to highlight any aspect of your anatomy that may impact on the fitting. This biomechanical assessment will focus on flexibility throughout the body, range of motion of the key muscle groups and joints used in cycling as well as foot structure and how this may apply to your cleat positioning. This will help us form a greater image of the outcome of the fitting and how we will be able to achieve the fitting goals. 



The next step in the fitting process will be to have you mount the bike so we can form a visual picture of how you have been riding previously, as well as to look for any potential riding technique issues that can be improved. Then, using the Retul system, key anatomical landmarks will be marked and the Retul camera switched on the capture every milimeter of your pedal stroke in 3D to ensure the perfect fit and will leave your body in its optimal position, based on your personal needs and goals.


Key aspects of the bike fitting that we will look at include-


* Cleat Positioning

* Stack and Reach

* Saddle Height                                                

* Saddle For/Aft

* Handlebar angle

* Handlebar width

* Stack and Reach

* Aerobar positioning (if applicable)

* Body angles and how they apply to different riding styles


Following the fitting, uFIT offers complimentary positional review either over the phone, email or in person to ensure the position is perfect. uFIT Sydney fitting services are 100% tailored to your own riding needs and goals and are the most affordable RETUL premium fitting service in Sydney. 



Fitting Fee - $200                                Additional Bike at Same Time - $150