That winning want it?

That feeling of pure elation and joy when that goal you’ve been striving for can be ticked off the list. When you realise that all the hard work, commitment and sacrifice has finally paid off.

As a coach there is nothing better than seeing your athletes cross a finish line and seeing that sense of achievement and absolute elation of in their result. For mine, this weekend was one of my most stressful, anxious and happiest days as a coach. One athlete who I have been with since the beginning ticked off the last major goal he wanted to achieve for the Australian summer!

That goal was to crack the elusive 4hr:30min barrier for a half distance/70.3 triathlon. Most of you know who this is already and know his journey (if not see The 4hr:30min barrier for Tim is one that he has come agonisingly close to on many occasions and with so many close attempts, this started to play a lot on Tim’s mind. I was desperate for Tim to achieve this over the weekend and this is why we chose Challenge Melbourne, we needed to get this monkey off the back before 70.3 World Championships in September. Now that he owns that sub 4:30min time, come September and World’s… this space!!!

I won’t give you the blow-by-blow race recap as I know that report will be coming from Tim shortly, but what I will say from a coaching perspective, Tim put aside some of his greatest weaknesses and followed the race plan to perfection, executing the near perfect race to run across the line with 42-seconds to spare.

Have you set yourself your goals for 2016? Do you have the plans in place to get that Winning Feeling for yourself? How do you get that winning feeling?

It’s simple - plan, practice, perfect, perform.

Photo Cred: The legendary Jo Baxas - if you haven't been stalked by her, you haven't been stalked

Quote of the Week

Set your goals high, and don't stop til you get there!

          Bo Jackson

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