The secret to success!! Could it be that simple?

<Photo Credit: Steve Nicolls of Eventfotos>

The most important ingredient to success...what is it? We all look for it don’t we, that one thing that will suddenly bring success? Is it the new piece of bling? The disc wheel? The power meter? That fancy new aero-helmet. Well that would be nice but not even close!!! Coaches will tell you it’s consistency, and that’s closer, but still not even touches on that one little golden nugget that will bring success.

You want to know what it is!!!

It’s the unconditional love and enjoyment of this sport (or any other endeavour you undertake in life). If you love it, you will live it and you will succeed at it!

Now trust me, triathlon can be a cruel mistress (or mister!). She will beat you up, she will hurt you, leave you wondering if it’s meant to be, whether she is the one! She will leave you on your knees at the end of a day in tears, curled up in the foetal position and then kick you while you’re down, but like any relationship, it needs to be worked at - and true love will prevail. And with time the good times become great, the happiness of finishing your big race, achieving your goals will trump any fight you’ve ever had and the strength of that love, the bond created is what will take you forwards to greatness.

Now I want to give you an example. Brooke Hammond (Langereis) my wife. For those of you who know her, she has been beaten and battered by this sport and its left her for dead. Multiple surgeries, two ribs REMOVED, blood clots, lower leg injuries, fractured vertebrae….you name it! Now Brookey is a tough girl and has stuck through it always working at it and over the last 2 years we have focussed purely on the love of the sport, focussing on a very slow, balanced and safe build and the results of which shone through on Sunday at Elite Energy’s Huskisson Triathlon Festival. Brookey was up against a red hot field (probably 40-50+ 70.3 titles combined in that group) and all she wanted to do was put her best foot forwards and enjoy the day. That she did in spades! After a solid swim, a solid bike and by far her best run off the bike she was 8th female overall and ecstatic with herself and very deservedly so. If anyone saw Brooke out on the course you would recognise her because of her vibrant Amanzi swimsuit as well as her infectious smile that graced her face until the very last steps of the run (for those who didn’t see her look at the photo above! <Photo Credit to Steve Nicolls of Eventfotos>). This was true love of sport and the number 1 ingredient to success in anything. This was what allowed her to achieve what she achieved on Sunday. She didn’t win the race, but she won the event for herself.

So the moral of this story? Love your sport (or whatever you do!!), enjoy every minute you get to be with it and know that every minute you’re able to dedicate to this ‘relationship’ the more you will receive from it.

Happy Training!

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