Read below to check out what a few of my clients have had to say about their fittings!!!


A huge thanks to Ben Hammond for all your time and expertise with my bike fit today! Just sooo happy with the improved position and can't wait to test out the power in training and racing! Ben has 8+ years experience with bike fit (also certified in the Retul bike fit method), is a professional triathlete himself so understands the demands of a bike fit for triathlon AND loves ADAMO SADDLES which I think are just an awesome triathlon saddle :-) (but must be fitted correctly). For anyone keen to get their bike position reviewed, would highly recommend Ben and now is a great time early in the season. Thanks so much again mate, and all the very best with your race on Sunday at Yeppoon 70.3!


Thanks again for dialing me into my new Boardman Air TT 9.4. After just a single fitting session with you, my position was dramatically more comfortable whilst retaining the aerodynamic position, allowing me to focus on maximizing my form and power. From your professional bike fitting I have eliminated all lower back pain on my bike and feel noticeably fresher coming into the run leg of the race! I obviously recommend an investment in Ben to anyone looking for that professional bike fit.


I was lucky enough to get my bike fitted by Ben and honestly am so happy with the result. I am very new to the sport of triathlon and love swimming and running but was feeling uncomfortable and not enjoying being on the bike at all. After getting properly fitted by Ben my times have improved by minuets and I am actually starting to enjoy the bike leg. I highly recommend booking a bike fit in with Ben he was very professional and helpful!

Hi Ben
I just wanted to say thanks again for the great job you did on my bike fit.
The pains I was getting in my lower back have completely gone and my
legs feel much fresher after long rides.
I was very impressed with your professional service and follow up email.
I'll definitely be recommending your service to my friends.
I wasn't sure whether a bike fit was really necessary given that it
was set up for me at the bike shop where I purchased it - but getting
it professionally fitted has made a huge difference.
Thanks again!




As a novice in the sport of triathlon but a professional in another sport I was aware of the benefit of having equipment which is fitted for you.


Ben took me through the complete fitting process and clearly explained each step. I am very happy with the changes Ben made which have improved my bike times and allowed me to feel stronger going from the bike to the run leg.


I strongly recommend you make the modest investment to complete a bike fit with Ben.


Absolutely brilliant, thanks Ben for my fit has done wonders for my performance



Ben did a fantastic job for me.
Being new to the sport and riding for longer distances I had no idea the difference correct positioning can make. Following Ben's fitting I have enjoyed much more comfort in my riding and have felt stronger for longer!! I'd recommend Ben to anyone who is unsure or even slightly uncomfortable on the bike. Thanks Ben, awesome job.